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hey guys - two hitch bike rack options if anyone is looking...

1.  Someone in my 'hood posted the following on Nextdoor.  This is a hell of a price on a used Yakima.  He has pics on the post, if you want it I can get his email address and put you in contact with him.

I have a Yakima Hitch, Extended Arm 2-Bike Rack for sale. It's one of the older models that has slightly longer arms than the newest ones, which makes it a little easier to load dual bikes and provides extra area between the two to further prevent contact during transport.

The older ones have slightly extended arms, so they also cost slightly more than the YR V2.0's that are out now. It was
approximately $299 dollars when I purchased it, and I am selling it for $50 bucks.

2. A family friend has a Saris 2 bike hitch rack for a 2 inch hitch.  She is trying to get $75.  It is in Kansas but I will be going home on the 4th and could bring it back if someone wanted to buy it.  I am trying to get some pictures of this one. 

Hope to see you guys soon!  I am going to ride my bike tomorrow morning!  First time since NOLA in April 2014.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ [eek]
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