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Have you ever wondered if you were training in the right HR/power zones for base, competition, and transition phases?  Are you interested in shedding some of the winter weight by maximizing your fat burning?  Do you want to teach your body to burn fat so that you don't have to heavily rely on external sources of carbohydrates during your training and racing? 


If so...this opportunity is for you!  We are getting a discounted rate for metabolic fitness testing. 


The first test date is Feb. 22nd (Sunday) and in order to maximize the discount, we must get a full day people to sign up.  If we get more than a full day of people, we will schedule a follow on session(s) to ensure that everyone who wants to get tested, can get tested. 


Each session takes a little less than an hour, but you should not work out 24-hrs prior to the test AND you should not eat 2-4hrs prior to the test (4hrs - meal, 2hrs - snack)


The rate for this testing is $110 to get the data for both the bike and the run.


Check around the Metroplex and you will find that this is about 1/4th the price that other coaches/facilities are charging (i.e. $200 for each test) and you will have the benefit of having the test administered by a recognized Exercise Physiologist who currently administers this type of testing to the Dallas Stars.


What are you going to get out of the testing?


-          detailed understanding of where your fat/carb exchange point is (as a function of heart rate)

-          detailed understanding of HR zones for aerobic, threshold, and VO2 max

-          detailed understanding of your respiratory exchange rate (RER)

-          correlation of your metrics (HR, perceived effort, power, etc)


Once you are aware of your unique physiological make-up, then you will have more understanding of how you are burning calories (how many calories you are burning…what kind of calories you are burning…and how fast you are burning calories) for any given workout.


For those that are interested in looking at sample me directly at and I will forward over some results


If you are interested in getting, please respond by Feb 13th so that we can make sure we have a full day of committed slots.


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I'm very interested in this. I just created my profile and I just saw this. I need to check and see if I should get tested before or after my first 70.3 (april1)….assuming the testing is still available to me?

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I would be interested in this as well if there is an option! I imagine the more folks interested the better?

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